Meet Vine and Snapchat's Biggest Stars

They're landing movie roles and making millions—and they got their start on your cell phone. Read on, and learn the secrets of these Vine and Snapchat standouts.


When Oprah books you on her nationwide tour, Channing Tatum thinks you're "really funny," and Ellen's producer emails out of the blue, you know you've arrived. That's exactly what's happened to these self-made pros currently killing it with their six-second Vines, addictive Snapchats, and massive fan bases following their every upload. The big dreamers take a rare break from their screens to share their wisdom.

The SongbirdsAs the first Viners to be signed to a major record label, Us the Duo (@UsTheDuo; in real life, married couple Carissa and Michael Alvarado) will release a debut album this spring. PS: Oprah's a fan. Their big break: "I didn't want to put on makeup, so we recorded our first cover from the nose down," says Carissa. "People liked the mystery. In one month we got a million followers." Their big tip: "Be consistent," says Michael. "Even if we were tired, we posted every day."




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