'Us The Duo' is the insanely talented musical family we all want to be a part of

For the world's favorite Vine husband and wife duo Carissa and Michael Alvarado aka "Us The Duo," music is the ultimate form of communication. These two lovebirds, known for their amazing cover Vines in which they mysteriously cover half of their faces, told us the whole story of their relationship through their latest hit album, "No Matter Where You Are."Michael and Carissa fell in love and got married before they started working together as musicians, but from listening to even just one of their famous six-second Vines, anyone could tell that they were brought together for an amazing purpose: to make beautiful music together.






Both Michael and Carissa were extreme musical talents before they got together. Michael has a knack for writing lyrics while Carissa can (seemingly) effortlessly conjure the perfect melody for any given song. Together, they form a dream team. After hitting #22 on the iTunes charts with their first and completely independent album, the duo became the first Vine stars to be signed to a major record label, Republic Records.Now, they're unstoppable as they embark on their musical journey together. Given that they're currently killing it while touring the world and playing for huge crowds they call "Us The Family," we have no doubt we'll see these two on our TV screens as they give a tear-jerking acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards one day...perhaps with little "Us The Kids" running around the stage!We were lucky enough to chat with the social superstars, who also happen to be the most kind-hearted and likable people ever, in order to gain more insight to what inspires them to create their art, how their relationship fuels their music, what they want to share with their loyal fanbase, and why the entire social-media-sphere desperately wants to be a part of their adorable family.



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